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not yours

because I say so

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Gratuitous Over-Indulgence Pic of the Month
Fifty-seven cans of Coca-Cola

My mother consoles herself with the fact that at least it's not crack cocaine.

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Well, whaddya know - all those Coca-Cola cans sure look familiar! ;)

That looks like my fridge!

my brother is heavily addicted to ze Cola
I used to be until I moved out and saw how expensive it was and how ridiculously hooked I was
(sometimes I'll still do a buzz; that's as druggy as I get)

We (at my mother's house) commonly keep six to ten cases (24 cans? I'm not sure) of either diet coke or diet pepsi in the fridge/garage. I drink at least three cans a day. I have a horrible caffeine addiction.

The teeth! Think of the teeth!


OMG....don'cha get gritty teeth if you drink too much in 1 day?
I know I do.....but its worth it for the caffiene :)

I found you on random.

I thought I'd just wish you a happy day!


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