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because I say so

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Starting over
joe side
jc runs Windows Update to download the latest round of patches, including the essential one to protect against the pesky Sasser worm.

jc watches as all eight updates are downloaded and installed.

jc sees a prompt to restart the computer now for the patches to take effect.

jc clicks OK, and waits for the PC to restart.

jc sees the black "starting up" progress bar, then the graphical "starting up" progress bar.

jc sees a brief blue screen, then the black "starting up" progress bar again. This continues in a loop.

jc sighs, and force restarts the PC.

jc stares blankly at a message that reads "OS not found. Install an OS on this hard drive."

jc sighs, and runs the W2K installer from scratch once again.


jc hides the Virtual PC window, and switches to Safari to update his LiveJournal.

jc's mouth develops the slightest sign of a smile, as he looks down at his uptime monitor to see 92 days, 11 hours, 5 minutes and counting.

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Absolute Morons

I would post this in my own journal, 'cept I can't be bothered. I have been without access to the network for the past 24 hours, as Imperial use a Windows DHCP server. Doh!

I mean... *walks off speechless*

I started reading this and thinking it was one of those Googlism things. :p Ah, the joys of PCs.

And holy crap at the uptime o_O; that's like... woah. o_o;

and when the mac os crashes you stop vmware for winxp, yep? *smile*

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