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(no subject)
People never cease to fascinate me.

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Fascinate in a good way, or a bad way?

At first the article made me laugh, but then I started thinking. Can people really be that stupid and/or gullible to believe in the existance of locations portrayed in a work of fiction?

That's the fascination. Good or bad, I've yet to decide.

At first I laughed out loud
but then I thought the people are probably just so stupid
that they sorta know the places in the film are fake
but they wanted to see if they'd get the real locations
if they typed it in.

Spent some time in your journal land and enjoyed it mucho tonight.
Thanks for the "toast me" TWO TOWERS link stolen by earenwe -
it was funny and cool to get some screen caps at the site.

However do you find these things (especially the kermit gif.)?!

I had doubts initially that I'd manage to make my journal entertaining without revealing too much personal info or history (and especially without the use of Quizilla, curse their code) but it's turned out rather nicely in the end. Glad you like it. : )

As for the content, I receive about twenty mailing lists to a special mailing.lists@ e-mail address I created back in 1998, including various news digests. I follow The Register, Slashdot, two forums and about twenty newsgroups on an almost daily basis. I know the link to the Engrish Two Towers captions came from one of those newsgroups, although how hates_ found it hours after I first posted about it is beyond me. (I happened across his journal at random, and found out he's five friend hops away. Odd.)

I used to read about thirty comics on a regular basis as well, until MercuryCenter changed their comics system to suck badly. Nowadays I use a script I wrote that just checks the three I still reguarly keep up with, all of which are linked to in the sidebar on my journal.

I may not be so much a newshound as lightningbaron is, but I will confess to being an information junkie...

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