CAPS LIKE WHOA (jc) wrote,

Hee hee, what a bombshell.

The venerable bradfitz (happy birthday!) today implemented and activated a post limiting system for all LJ users. For a few minutes. Then he turned it off again.

Oh, the furore. Oh, the vitriol. On the poor guy's birthday, as well. Still, there was no notice of this change, and the free user limit was a bit low, so lots of people were understandably a little riled.

For the record, I rate youngvanwinkle's alternative suggestion the best by far. I guess we'll see how this one pans out...

04:45 - Oh, and after ten pages of comments and counting, nobody yet has picked up on brad's grammar mistake. Can you guess what it is yet?
Tags: livejournal, livejournal drama, livejournal screw-ups

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