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WWDC Keynote Stream - At Last
Oh well, if not a live stream, why not a pre-recorded stream after the event?


I knew they'd use this web site, having dug out the URL from an IM conversation I had with lightningbaron during last year's WWDC keynote, but as of ten hours ago the web site remained unreachable. Voilà, now it hosts the two-hour keynote stream in all its delayed and slightly fizzled-out glory.
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What did they introduce new at it? Other than OSX Tiger?

I wish they'd update the eMacs or iMacs, if they ever will that is.

I can't seem to access it. My QuickTime opens, but then just sits there. Ah, well.

Yes! Search for Mail! I'm so excited, I've been waiting for this feature for eons. I'm definitely going to buy Tiger when it comes out. I loved everything.

*waves Apple flag*

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