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Can you ever have too much music?

Had a meeting with a very nice sales type lady today to look at lots of fun radio-related equipment. Doubt we'll ever raise the tens of thousands required to pay for all the stuff I want to buy for the station, but it's a starting point.

Since I was in the area I decided to stop by my local Avalanche Records store on the way home. I really like the independent music shops, as they sell decent alternative music while still offering the neat deals such as 6 CDs for £5. Avalanche is one of the few stores therefore that deserves my hard-earned cash.

Imagine my delight when I countered two special offer sections today: six 99p CDs for £5; and three £1.99 CDs for £5. So, I decided to splash out on a tenner's worth, for which I got:All that for a £10.

I'm quite pleased with myself.
Tags: consumer whore, radio, student radio

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