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not yours

because I say so

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opening times sign says pub shuts at 22:30. having biked uphill for 20 minutes, i roll up at 21:05.

pub is shut. i bike back.


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What kind of a pub is closed at 9?

Weird ones in the middle of nowhere. Probably had no customers at like 7 so shut up early.

(Deleted comment)
it rules because it's true. *nods sagely*

You have quite a lot of boob icons, are you trying to suggest something?

I currently have one boob icon. But when I make a new icon set I do tend to put a boob icon in there. Because people always want the boob. *uses pervy icon*

People do always want teh boob. *nods*

I have noticed that rural pubs, and even dance halls *cringes at the term* take great pleasure in shutting at the most inconvenient times. It's part of the whole pseudo-Presbyterian misery-fest idea.

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