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not yours

because I say so

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my homeward-bound flight was meant to leave stansted at 21:25. as of the timestamp on this post, i!m still waiting to board the aircraft. grr.

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I will remain quietly smug.

Well you got home - which must be good, but I've never had to wait to get on a train in London before (even if it gets delayed later). It's a very mild feeling of smugness.

Hope you had a good time - it certainly looks like it.

but i'll be there for you if the rain starts to fall i'll be there for you

Just want you to know that I been reading you
but like that whole LJ drama thing
went right over my head and back the other way...

lightningbaron can tell you
when people post with big long paragraphs unbroken
I run the other way

Re: the rain starts to fall

A few of my friends are a lot worse about the big long unbroken paragraphs thing. Up until now, I thought I was going easy on my friends in comparison...

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