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Serendipity and fraud

After spending a wonderful night talking to earenwe, in which I had multiple aspects of Kemetic Orthodoxy explained to me while I tried (and succeeded, yay) in getting Microsoft Office working on this computer, I went to bed at around seven. I can't remember my train of thought once my head hit the pillow, but I do remember alerting myself to the fact that both my .net domains were due to expire soon and that I should think about renewing them.

I woke up this morning to see - lo and behold - two near-identical letters that mentioned "domain name" in the envelope window. Aha, I thought; this'll be my agent sending me renewal forms. Sadly, upon opening one of the envelopes I found a scam letter from that ol' UK favourite, Domain Registry Services.

The Register, as ever, has the full scoop on the scam from July, and more recently Nominet - the UK's stole licensed registrar for the .uk TLD among other things - issued a warning about this company. Interestingly, Nominet had previously been granted an interim injunction against DRS, but unfortunately the law is against Nominet as, sadly, nothing DRS is doing by way of these letters is illegal under the letter of the law. More details on the scam, along with a sample of the letter, can be found over at some site called Enigma Log. Gotta love Google.

I'm wondering what to do next about this. I've already contacted my current agent to find out when I should dash him the £20 cheque that covers both domains for a year (as opposed to the £120 DRS would have me pay to have both covered for two years). I know I should report it to the authorities that at least I've been targeted by this scam, but I'd be wasting police time if I reported it to my local constabulary and Nominet's offices are shut until Monday Tuesday, as Monday is a bank holiday. Does the Office of Fair Trading even have a procedure in place to deal with these scams? Ehh. Five hours sleep leaves me wanting for brain processing power.
Tags: burning the midnight oil, computer problems, kb

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