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Gotta Love Tabloid Journalism
Just came across this page, with two interesting short stories. The top story cites a popular tabloid newspaper as its source, which is rather amusing in itself.


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i don't know what to believe...

First they say Sir Ian McKellan was going to replace the now late legendary Richard Harris. I knew that coudln't be true, as I believe I heard Sir Ian say in an interview he wouldn't do it because he'd already done Gandalf and all that.

Then I heard Chris Lee in the running. I think that was false too.

CGI theory has been around ever since the day Harris died.

I don't know if they could pull it off. Then again, they managed to do it in Gladiator, sort of. And CGI has come a long way. I don't know.

I read about this is one of the many HP Yahoo!groups I belong to. I don't believe it. If it's true, I'm going to be rather dissapointed. It's not that I don't think McKelllen has the talent, because I believe he's a brilliant actor, but they might want to cast someone that at least resembles Richard Harris.

I heard rumblings of his stunt double, who reportedly looks very similar to Harris, taking the role, but haven't heard much of that since the original report.

And boo hiss to CGI humans. Didn't the film industry learn their lesson with FF:TSW? Their work was absolutely breathtaking, but people were - myself not included - almost squicked by humans-that-aren't-actually-human. I can only imagine what chaos that would bring to the fandom.

I'm just going to wait and see.

Sir Ian himself said on his website that the rumors of him replacing Harris are NOT true and he has no plans to do so. Chris Lee and Peter O'Toole are the others in the running I think. Although I think the Chris Lee thing may be a big rumor too. Don't know, since Lee hasn't commented on it much.

As for the CGI people....it works if they have a HUMAN to draw from, take from, base it on, etc. Case in point, Gollum in Two Towers. If they could take Harris' previous footage and un-used footag eand program it in the computer somehow, it might work. Note, I say might. And that's a very big might ;) This is ILM after all, we're talking about, and although they've stagnated recently in my opinion (yes the stuff they do for world and environment CGI is ten years ahead of everyone else, so is much of the rest of their stuff, but they have fallen behind in the CGI character creation [Jar Jar, or even some of the Potter stuff in my opinion]) they may yet surprise us. I dunno. WETA rules now. Heheh.

E!Online is reporting that Michael Gambon, who has been seen in many recent high-profile films including Gosford Park, The Insider, and Sleepy Hollow, will replace the late Richard Harris as Professor Dumbledore in the next Harry Potter film. This puts to rest rumors that our very own Gandalf, Ian McKellen, would take over the role.

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