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Fifty-seven channels...

Okay, this is beyond funny now.

I made a point of buying into multi-channel TV seeing as I'd be here in Iceland for a month. Right now:
  • Ríkisútvarpið - Sjónvarpið is showing presidential debate number two (Kappræður forsetaframbjóðenda), live. There's the usual small slightly transparent station logo top right, with "BEINT" ("LIVE") in small letters beneath it.

  • Sky News is showing presidential debate number two, live. The usual gubbins - the Sky News logo top left with clock beside it, and useless info bar at the bottom with e-mail address, interactive "red dot" info and website URL - is accompanied with a box below the Sky News logo/clock with "LIVE / ST LOUIS", and a huge, bright but pointless aston which reads "U.S. ELECTION NEWS ALERT -- 2ND U.S. PRESIDENTIAL DEBATE UNDERWAY IN ST LOUIS".

  • BBC World is showing presidential debate number two, live. The BBC World logo accompanied by URL beneath is present bottom left, conjoined with a big but tasteful "US ELECTION" aston and relevant text beneath. There's a smallish "LIVE" indicator top left, aligned with the logo.

  • CNN International is showing presidential debate number two, live. Rather crass "LIVE" indicator top left is redeemed by the tasteful, animated (gotta avoid that plasma screen burn-in) banner at the bottom which occasionally displays the current question. CNN logo is bottom left, and matches the carpet.

  • CNBC Nordic takes the prize! Confusingly, CNBC Nordic is a variation of CNBC Europe, so most of the time you'll see the big and high-contrast CNBC Europe logo top right. That's the case here. And get this: CNBC Europe is rebroadcasting MSNBC, station logo and all! MSNBC is, of course, showing presidential debate number two, live. So, to recap: CNBC Europe logo top right, MSNBC LIVE logo bottom right, and "Presidential Debate" logo-type thing bottom left.
I'm sticking with CNN for the most part: it appears to have the best picture and sound out of the FIVE channels insisting on showing this thing live.
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