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because I say so

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Way to fuck up the tourism industry, people
tweety, wtf
Hey, this little tidbit wasn't there before.
US-VISIT will collect information on foreign visitors’ arrivals and departures – date, nationality, classification, and biometric identifiers. The information will be stored in databases maintained by DHS and the Department of State as part of an individual’s travel record. The current plan is to maintain the data for up to 100 years, but that is being reviewed to ensure that we only retain the data as long as needed. [Emphasis mine.]
So if I visit the US, even under the visa waiver program, they have me on file for a fucking century? Fuck that.

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yeah, i remember hearing about that a few months ago, didn't hear about the century thing though, that's crazy

And yet you post about your daily life online to resources that will likely be maintained for the next forseeable time period, barring archiving to Internet Archive, which hopes to maintain such records forever. In addition, you have flown in an airplane, which puts your name in the ticketing system for as long as they want.

What's the difference between government databases and commercial databases?
Oh, right - the government has laws to let you see what's in them.

I'm not denying that the law is stupid, but as is usual on this kind of topic, I think you're overreacting to the posible harm that having your name in some list is going to do for you.

This is about my fingerprints, not my name or writings. I'm not prepared to hand over my biometric data.

My fingerprints are on file for the rest of my life. (Perhaps longer, I suppose, but I doubt it'll be an issue). That doesn't bother me - I'm not quite sure why it bothers you.

When we hosted at Colospace, they did biometric scans for identity detection. They probably still have Mark's fingerprints on file. Once you're no longer a customer, they have no obligation to you whatsoever to do anything for you. I bet they'll be there until the disk they're stored on goes bad.

So what? I'm just as easily identified by the pieces of plastic I carry in my pocket as I am by my fingerprints. Although I understand the need to protect your privacy, your identity isn't private.

I don't claim to have any rational objections to this program. On the other hand, I don't have to participate in the first place.

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