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Ahahaha, rumours on the internets abound. Assume the rumour's true until you see bradfitz post a categorical denial to news. (Just kidding. I am experiencing a flashback right now, though.) Cue lots of clueless users posting to various official LJ communities, only to be ignored by employees. Gotta love the clueless users.

crschmidt's article on the matter (and his other one) have both been Slashdotted thanks to idigital. Whatever the outcome, though, I find it hard to imagine a repeat of the infamous without-warning closure of in June last year.

Of course, if this does turn out to be true, then you all know I'm doomed, heh. Fun stuff, regardless.

In unrelated news, there may be human rights abuses aplenty in the country, but they certainly churn out some awe-inspiring Olympic stadium designs.

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