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not yours

because I say so

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Public Service Announcement
rock on
If you know anyone with a uJournal account who was affected by uJournal's closure a couple of months ago, let it be known that uJournal accounts are still intact.


Pass it on.

Exciting times over at Radio 1 - the first live show to come from the newly refurbished, extremely cool and super-expensive studio 4 will be the first Chris Moyles breakfast show of the year in just over six hours from now. My flight home departs just over 12 hours from now.

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I wonder -- will 'exampleusername' become 'uj_exampleusername', or 'uj_exampleusern'? If the latter, what will happen to UJ users 'exampleusername' and 'exampleusernode'?

(Though I can imagine that in practice, the number of cases for whom this would be a problem are small enough that you can handle them by hand.)

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