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More delights, plus a hiccup

As you may have read from my comments in other people's journals, I am currently highly jealous of my American friends because of all the snow they're getting. I like digging snow, but the last time I ended up doing it was two years ago. I'd be up at the cottage in the highlands far more often during the winter, if I could only get there through the blocked roads.

Today it was kinda frosty, but the skies were completely clear and the bright sunshine made the bus a whole lot warmer. If you're currently snowed under you'll probably hate me now, but know that I'm probably just as jealous of you.

I'm discovering lots of new nice things with OS X, despite a little hiccup I encountered over the weekend with a faulty RAM chip, sold to me by my local AppleCentre on Friday. I was experiencing bizarre crashes whereby app and disk activity would stop, and the screen would "melt" into thin coloured vertical stripes which then remained static. I couldn't re-install the system because the installer would freeze half-way through, but once I'd removed the new chip everything worked flawlessly. I had that chip replaced yesterday, and things are working fine again.

Sheesh, as if it wasn't complicated enough just to find the chip in the first place.

On the upside, I'm finally semi-confident to customise the system more. I installed the Developer Tools, giving me the necessary compilers. I downloaded and successfully compiled ncftp, my favourite command-line FTP client. I installed the delightful Fink, which took about an hour and a half to compile from source (my favourite line: WARNING: Warnings can be ignored. :-)), and provided access to the very useful basic utilities, and I followed some very useful instructions on how to successfully compile epic, my command-line IRC client of choice. Providing my computer is on while I'm away from it and Remote Login (sshd) is enabled, I can now remotely access my IRC sessions from any computer with Internet access and a Secure SHell client. Not that I couldn't do this before, though: I just couldn't do it with my own computer until I installed OS X.

So, so cool.
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