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5 days uptime

I hesitate before using the phrases "rock-solid" and "so stable it takes everything I throw at it" to describe my computer since installing OS X, as I'm inherently paranoid that something small will within minutes screw everything up. So, 5 days uptime since I first powered back on after replacing my new 256MB chip. A sign that it's going to stay this way, or a sign that things are bound to screw up within hours? Make of that what you will.

I've had so little time to watch TV this past week, and there's such a backlog of videotaped stuff (thanks partly to babysitting the neighbour's kids these past two nights) that tonight I had to add a sixth SmartFile tape to the five I've been using every week for the past five years. I never thought I'd need a sixth.

I hear LJ suffered a DDoS attack this week. The news item has a brilliant analogy, plus all the info on how they recovered beautifully and compensated their paying users. Good stuff.

By way of contrast, the WebChat IRC Network is starting to suck more by the month. Under the new rules, unregistered users (and even registered users who don't identify to their registered nickname on the server) will suffer from not being able to private message anybody, create a new channel or join a channel without an opped channel operator already present. These new rules are designed to combat mass-message and mass-invite bots, but the new rules are much more of an inconvenience to users than the bots ever were. I can't wait for the fallout when services next go off-line.

If DalNet gets taken off-line forever by the non-stop DDoS attacks they've been suffering from for ages, what's the bets the bastards' next target will be WebNet?
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