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24 UK season premiere simulcasting on Freeview tonight
frustration, computer problems, oops
Quick heads-up to say that Sky has done the practically unthinkable, and made the decision to simulcast the first episode of 24 series four, which premieres on Sky One tonight at 9pm, on - *gasp* - Sky Travel, which is carried on the Freeview network. That means you have four hours to go out and buy yourself a digibox (I recommend the Sony), and get it set up in time.

I suppose since the BBC lost the UK terrestrial TV rights to the show, and Fox/Sky priced every single terrestrial broadcaster out of the rights to series 3, forcing non-subscribers to rent or buy the DVDs, they're stuck on their own screening series 4. Serves them right.

Oh, and last year I dared Fox to sue me for downloading series 3. I'm doing the same for series 4, even though I'm now only six weeks ahead of seeing it legitimately if this simulcasting arrangement continues for the rest of the series.

Edit 21:03: It's a one-off, as csogilvie thought. With a SKY TRAVEL watermark on it. Bastards.

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omglolz, I dare you! ...oh, wait. You're already downloading them. You rebel. *wink*

I understood that the broadcast on Sky Travel was only a one off, not that it really bothers me as I didn't like what I saw of Season 3 :(

What didn't you like about season three?

I didn't like the way the story seemed to be developing - eg Jack being a 'druggy' in it etc. which seemed in complete contrast to the previous 2.

To be fair, his drug habit was a result of him having to keep his cover in place in a long-term undercover operation that preceded the series timeline.

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