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because I say so

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rock on
So I had this plan to make up for the past month's worth of non-updating, by picking up from where I left off and posting pseudo-backdated entries normally so they'd show up on people's friends pages. But, that plan'll have to be shelved in view of a rather important announcement.

One of the things I did in my "absence" was put together a submission for LiveJournal's second ever style contest. The results were announced about an hour ago, and my style - Nebula - was voted one of the top five. I get an iPod shuffle and a permanent account out of it, and my style becomes one of the publically-available ones in the next few weeks.

I received the "congrats" e-mail at 8:45pm GMT, about twenty minutes before the announcement was posted to news, and I thought jproulx was shittin' me. Cue frantic IMs to various employees asking for confirmation (apologies to whitaker and xb95), a racing heart and a serious case of the shakes both in the interim and afterwards.

The worst part about winning? The heart-wrenching feeling that comes from realising that none of your friends also won. I was seriously gunning for erin, alsatia, isabeau, jennieknits, janinedog and phoenixdreaming among many other quality entrants, and yet I was the only vaguely support-related person to be chosen.

By way of a thankyou speech, though, janinedog deserves mad props for helping me out when, 18 hours before submission deadline, I was on the verge of throwing in the towel over an infuriating CSS issue I faced. kamara probably helped me the most, however, when my style reached a themeable state five hours before the submission deadline and we both spent the small hours of the morning (the midnight PST deadline made for an 8am GMT all-nighter) finalising the entry, with me tweaking the style and kama choosing the definitive colour schemes.

That night was hellish for the whole family, because I still had a really bad and incessant cough from my most recent bout of illness. That coupled with open doors meant a sleepless night for the folks, and heightened tensions in the morning.

Congratulations are due to taion, unfloopy, synewaves and cyrnelle, the other four winners - check out their styles as well as mine in the news entry. Thanks also to all those who voted for me and made the all-nighters worthwhile.

I'm now going to run around a bit and sit in a darkened room for a few hours while I come to terms.

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Congrats again! eee. Can't wait til this comes to LJ properly :D


I'm a bit confused as to why they closed the polls 12 hours early, but eh. I'm so happy for you.

Congrats again.

Jesus fucking christ jc your alive!!!
jesus Fucking Christ you WON.
Well Done jc.

I'll be coming to see you soon...even if it is to mug you of that Ipod ;-O

Mes felicitations, mon cher.

Ooh, I was wondering what was up with the name of the last theme. Thanks and congratulations!


Hello, I just wanted to say that I love your entry for the LJ Styles contest. I hope Nebula is one of the styles chosen as I would love to use it for my own journal!

Well, you're in luck - not only was Nebula voted top 5, but all of the contest submissions will be added as publically-available styles in the near future.

Thanks for the kind words.

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