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My life is ruled by software

Azureus and Adium were both updated last night, as well as a number of Azureus plugins. The Adium update to 0.80 hasn't been officially announced yet, but I'm using it as of about six hours ago (thanks to their beta test program) and it's a lot more structured than it used to be.

Azureus now lets you switch between a standard and a smaller font size, and I'm now permanently hooked on the smaller display font. The best thing is that the newly-updated RSSFeed Scanner plugin finally works when it comes to auto-downloading torrents based on (regex optional) filter matching - means I don't have to babysit it late at night to catch recurring torrents when they come in. Bliss.

Despite the two notes I received from TNT on Friday and Saturday saying they would retry delivery of Mac OS X Tiger to me today between 7:30am and 5:30pm, their tracking page was this morning obliterated and replaced with a recommendation to call customer service. Turns out the package didn't go out on the truck this morning after all, due to "pandemonium" and "twice the load of deliveries today", which they could only "apologise" for. I could go and collect it from the depot today until 4 - problem is, the bus stops here and I'd need to walk the entire length of Turnhouse Road to reach the depot. And pay £2.30 for the privilege. So, I wait until tomorrow, and screw up another day so that TNT can get a (required) signature from me. Le sigh.

Update 14:47: The Edinburgh depot just phoned me back to say that the package was scanned out with the driver this morning after all. (The lady I spoke to earlier who said she had the package with her must have been on crack, then.) So, I can expect it within the next three hours, and I'll definitely be here. Fun stuff.

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