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because I say so

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Ho hum
jc: Have you voted?
kamara: not yet. I'm planning on going down later when I go for my newspaper.
jc: Yeah, I'm determined not to waste the trip either - I'm gonna go buy milk on the way home.
kamara: hahaha

Today's lesson, kids: if you're going to go vote in the UK general election today by heading to your local polling station before 10pm tonight, don't waste your vote - do something else on the way or on the way back. That way you don't remember the trip as a totally wasted effort in years to come! (Y'know, in case the constituent you voted for doesn't win.)

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d'ya actually know who your candidates are?
I don't!

I know Consevative for me is is someone called Veitch.
Lib Dem : pass, but I have a nice DVD-r of some video speil manifesto that I've not watched
Lab: Pass.
Greens: pass

I think our constituency is a strong labour seat, only because its the old seat to Tam Dayell (Father of the House) who's now retiring this year.

Here be yore answers.

I've had mailings from almost every one of my candidates except the *ptooie* Socialists, but it didn't hurt to look up the various web sites to find out info on my constituency. I've voted, though - have you yet?

its been done. Have to say that the choice of candidates was poor tho'. Cons, Lab, LD, Socialist and SNP. No Witchery, Monster Raving or any of the other usual crackpots. Not even the Greens!

Good point! I myself used my vote for Kerry as an opportunity to return library books that were due. I look back on that day fondly as a day I really got stuff done. :-)

I ended up skipping my Free Speech class to stay in the voting line last fall. Needless to say, the professor didn't mind.

I stopped off at the illegal offie and snaffled some vodka for Moscow mules later.

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