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not yours

because I say so

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Just a thought...
It would take 6,667 permanent accounts sold for today's (well, this month's if you count the postal orders) permanent account sale to make LiveJournal........ one meeellion dollars.

got perm?
Sale ends at midnight EST (9pm PST, 4am GMT, 5am BST).

Congratulations to all those who had the money or the friends to upgrade, commiserations to those who missed the sale window or couldn't afford it. More power to those who can live without it. And well done LiveJournal for giving everyone some warning this time around.

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And well done LiveJournal for giving everyone some warning this time around.

Good point.

crap. I've missed out on the whole thing. And yes I did read that there was going to be that sale :(
Saying that...my bank account ain't looking that healthy...so prob for the best...
Dam you rich/ perm acc winners :P

You haven't missed out yet - you have just under seven hours left as of this comment.

I now associate that line more strongly with the Orange advert than the film. Scary.

That Vern dude, who played Mini Me, he is on this season of the Surreal Life. :) Very nice!!! :) I came from jproulx so.. :D

i was bored... wandering thru lj land.

Found your journal. Laughed. Got just a little geekier from having read it. Smiled.

ok. That is all.

I saw your comments on lj_dev today, and rather than clutter up that post, I came here:

Your headdesk icon is brilliant, and I've been looking for something like it for a while. Could you point me to a source, or could I modify it with credit to you?

Thanks and sorry to intrude.

Y'know, it's been so long since I found that I've forgotten where it came from. Feel free to take mine if you can edit out the jc - you don't have to credit me, it was good of you to ask.

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