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More Music Buying, Yay
With so much good music around at the moment, I decided to go back to Virgin Megastores to see if I could finally get rid of my Christmas £20 gift token.

The five CD singles I did find ended up costing me £10.30, and thankfully I got the change in cash instead of more tokens. Hurrah! So, there I got:So, cash in hand, I decided to pop into HMV to see if I could find the CDs I couldn't find in Virgin. And that I did, netting myself another four CD singles for £8.96:If that shopping spree wasn't enough, on the way home I popped into a new branch of Fopp for a browse, bought my groceries plus the obligatory Red Nose goodies at Sainsbury's, banked £45, and bought a large soft drink in Burger King (to quench my thirst) and a steak pie in Greggs the bakers before I even set foot in the flat again.

How's that for an eventful day?