CAPS LIKE WHOA (jc) wrote,

Excitement in Edinburgh

As I write, the conga proceeds up George IV Bridge as they head for the city centre. This is the first time I've seen two helicopters in the air at the same time, from my window.

Home alone for the next few days, so I think I'll move the Freeview box through to the big telly. Updates throughout the day.

Update 13:21: Weather's looking up. Sharleen Spiteri is waffling on the news channels. Apparently this is the route the 100,000+ people hope to form a chain along:


Update 14:48: Cloudy again. Just found out that in the States, MTV, mtvU and VH-1 in the US are covering Live 8 from noon EST today. AOL's carrying the live streams. In about ten minutes the Edinburgh congo chain should be in place, and there'll be a single minute's silence for people to reflect. Bit sceptical about that last bit, but okay.

Update 16:45: I was hoping for a picture of this. Check out the aggressive protestors!

A ring of police

Update 17:27: Okay, I am now seriously freaked out. Bob Geldof is singing on stage in London just now. I just watched Bob Geldof walk on stage in Philadelphia to open that concert not half an hour ago. That London performance must have been recorded, unless Geldof's been cloned.

Update 18:01: Looks like the march crowds have dissipated from the city at last. Princes Street looks devoid of protestors. Colder outside. I noticed drummers have been signing the drumkit being used in Hyde Park - wonder if it'll go on eBay. Copters are still outside, though. Looking at what, I don't know.

Update 20:36: The 'copters are still out there, which is a bit strange since everyone's gone home.

Think about it: for the 2001 G8 summit in Naples you had riot police clobbering people left and right. It comes to the UK, and Geldof/Ure/etc manage, in the space of a month, to organise ten simultaneous concerts around the world that focus attention on the summit and the world leaders. What a difference.
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