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because I say so

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Now the 2012 Olympics are coming to London...
rock on
...I just gotta get me a job with the BBC.

Update 13:15: Wow, it was close: 54 votes for London vs 50 for Paris. Commiserations to the French.

Update 13:19: olympic.org is beig hit hard, and london2012.com is returning Service Unavailable. Heh

Update 13:26: I think the quote of the week has to go to David Beckham, who rather predictably said, "It's hard to put it into words."

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So you know things in advance, do you -- this article claims that the announcement wasn't made until "12.48pm GMT", which would be 13:48 British Summer Time...

Faux pas on The Scotsman's part. That should read BST.

I was rooting for you! *mental note to book flight*

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