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because I say so

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Bloody cowards
...at least six blasts on the Underground network and a double-decker bus in London.

Needless to say, I'm okay. I pray for everyone's safety, especially xtremesaints who I haven't yet heard from.

Update 13:31: xtremesaints has checked in. Message reads: "Yeah cant go into work today. Thank god it didnt start till one so by eleven i knew what was happenin. X ela" Thanks, Ela.

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I'm waiting to hear from a slew of Londoners. :/

(Deleted comment)
When I first woke up, I was watching CNN and they were talking about an "electrical" problem. Then all the rest of it started happening. It's so sad, not to mention absolutely pointless.

Thanks for thinking about me when you think about London *hugs*

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