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because I say so

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(no subject)
rock on
Take that, you two-button mouse nazis.

Update: I'm getting reports that - yes, Hell has just frozen over.

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Oh my god, it's freaking me out. *uses her right mouse button to get out as quick as possible*


That is an admission that apple's traditional paper-weight mouse is actually a piece of shit that has finally yielded to the inexorable pressure of market force. The consumers demand their right-click function.


I have no idea what you just said.

But it was hot.

I just died at your icon. Absolutely died. Now the song is stuck in my head and will be all day.

oh good lord. what blue said.

The h0t s3x economic theory? Or the "omg vader vader vader"?

uhh.... both?

nah, the latter :/

Anything has to be better than the current mac mouse. Used one yesterday for the 1st time....while time I wished i had my 2 button mouse !

Got to play with Airport to tho' :D

But I want a 3 button mouse!

But I want an (n+1) button mouse!

Still prefer my 5-button mouse :P

I do believe this one sports five buttons - two at the side, two on the top and the button in the middle.

I can't honestly tell where the buttons are, aside from the circular one in front, as they've provided very little actual product photo. That said, I still prefer my 5-button mouse. I can tell where all the buttons are, for one thing!

The two at the side are obvious, as they're the same areas used by the thumb and ring finger to hold the ordinary mouse. The two at the top on either side of the middle button are part of the same "clicky" button, and it's up to the touch sensors to figure out which "button" you pressed when clicking. The same touch sensors give you the horizontal, vertical, diagonal and 360° scrolling features.

Well, not to beat this horse to death, but I don't hold my mouse like that... my hand doesn't really touch the right side much, so that button would be in an awkward place for me. But whatever works for the rest of you. ;)

Same for me, my ring finger doesn't really touch the mouse at all.

Ah, I see two more photos, distinguishing one more actual button. Still kinda confusing.

For my iBook, I carry around a Logitech optical scroll mouse that I borrowed from work. :P

Well, now that I can get a matching mouse that doesn't suck, I'm much more likely to buy a mac.

...That wasn't sarcasm.

My mouse doesn't match, but I didn't pay for it! ;)

Uhm. I like the one-button mouse, altough it seems I'm the only one.

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