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because I say so

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frustration, computer problems, oops
Okay, so I know it's the 75th anniversary of that bloody awful Blondie comic strip, but do I really have to be reminded of it in every comic strip I read?

I get the point.

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if I could I'd put FOXTROT and GET FUZZY up here daily

But, but I like Blondie - she's hot in the tradition of the good-girl drawings of that era. And the boss-issues ring pretty true unfortunately. Sure the upgraded the mailman gag to his neighbor, I think, and all those neighbor kids look annoyingly the same, but still. Who else carpools besides on the DREW CAREY show?

Also, we grew up with the family-fare movies/series made
during the earlier Superman era, I guess.

Now FAMILY CIRCUS, that I greatly dislike. Greatly.

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