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because I say so

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naNotes Update!
The Japs got there first with their dissection of the iPod nano - clickeh. Check out the cool shopping bags the Ginza Apple Store's giving out!

And at 1.6 inches wide, the iPod nano is narrow enough to fit in my small inner jeans pocket. Result!

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Would that make it iPod no.3 then !? :P

Nah, I'm happy with the ol' shuffle. I'm thinking of the nano as a Christmas present for someone else, though.

Maybe you can help me - with your vast internet knowledge.
Only this one is often not a guy thing - it involves shopping.

I am trying to find a DVD holder that is sort of like a tree - on each metallic branch ( I can picture this, but have never seen it )
would be a section of DVDs in their cases, maybe five or six, and only
grouped by category/quality of DVD, not just alphabetical like most shelving. I cannot find anything like this in stores (usually just a shelf or a tower holder) and when I did my vacation I posted about being up
all night looking at things like Kubricks and American Indian stuff -
I was searching for this DVD tree. Maybe I should make it myself somehow.
The base would fit on the same amount of space as a smallish Christmas tree could fit. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Re: OH mighty JC

You mean, something like this?

(God your quick)

I - uh, don't know,
as when I clickeh'd I got:
Sorry, but all product(s) in the group you selected are discontinued and no longer available.
Am searching the site now - I will be astounded if you have found something
that is from my imagination
(though I do take credit for a similar inception to Harry Potter
and to tonight's unfortunate REUNION show on Fox).

Re: OH mighty JC

Blah, stupid expiring links.

Go to http://demco.com/ , click "Furniture" on the left, then "Display", then the "CD/DVD Displays" link on the following page. You should find something similar to what you're looking for there.

and your sept TV graph cracks me up; I'm so surprised when you or someone else on my flist is maybe

I made it that far and am seeing things interesting (not sure if my invention is one of them, but one of these will surely do); must peruse this further when more time and not so late. Thank you and say hello to God for me!

I played with one today. They're ridiculously thin. And I think my inspiring people to buy Apple continues; my Okaasan wants one now. : D

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