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As I explore a sea of test cards...
rock on
Excitement on Freeview! ITV4 intends on bringing Letterman back to the UK for the first time since May when it launches in November. Better still, More4 is now up and running in test card form on channel 13 in advance of its October 10th launch, and according to Digital Spy's programming report the best show on that channel, by far, will undoubtedly be the previous night's Daily Show.

earenwe and beginning among others, aren't you happy for me?

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Yay! Is it the international version, or the full U.S. one? (The international version has no studio audience.) I like them both, mind you, but the U.S. one is definitely better. :) It's longer, and more TDS is always better!

Honestly, I had no idea they made an international version of that show; I've always been exposed to the uncut American versions of dailies such as the Tonight Show in the past. Guess I'll find out! :D

Yep. CNN International is the major carrier of it, I believe, but I'm pretty sure it can be syndicated to other networks. What they do is have the cast reshoot things for an international audience to make it "less American" — not in content, but in format. (We get it on both CNN International and the International Channel, which I think has been renamed, so I've seen it plenty of times.)

For example, the studio audience is totally eliminated because audience laughter is considered annoying in most other countries. There's also less ad-libbing from Jon, especially since he doesn't have the audience to interact with. A lot of times, the out-of-studio interviews are missing, as are the "Back in Black" segments and other regular features. They also cut down the content dramatically to make it shorter, and they remove some jokes that I guess you really do need to be here to get. The international TDS ends up being a lot more political and, frankly, less funny (in my opinion). It actually feels like a real news show at times.

Oh, and a lot of dated references are pulled. If they're regular news stories, they're clearly not, but if Jon says he was at X awards show "last night" or he was on "this week's" cover of Y, they'll edit it out. It's just weird. I don't like it. But hey, I don't have to watch it! :p

How I miss thee, TDS

I am both envious and so very pleased for you! That's fantastic! I hope it's the U.S. national version of TDS because it's longer, better and as beginning said, it has the studio audience. Which, let me tell you, is such good fun to be a part of.

I miss TDS! *weeps*

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