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because I say so

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As I explore a sea of test cards...
rock on
Excitement on Freeview! ITV4 intends on bringing Letterman back to the UK for the first time since May when it launches in November. Better still, More4 is now up and running in test card form on channel 13 in advance of its October 10th launch, and according to Digital Spy's programming report the best show on that channel, by far, will undoubtedly be the previous night's Daily Show.

earenwe and beginning among others, aren't you happy for me?

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How I miss thee, TDS

I am both envious and so very pleased for you! That's fantastic! I hope it's the U.S. national version of TDS because it's longer, better and as beginning said, it has the studio audience. Which, let me tell you, is such good fun to be a part of.

I miss TDS! *weeps*

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