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I received my two replacement PivotDocks in the post just now (after two days in transit), and was shocked to see $165 of postage on the envelope. Okay, so $165 Hong Kong dollars equates to only £12 ($21 USD), but that's still a hell of a lot of postage considering it cost me only £1.37 to send my broken unit back to Hong Kong.

supersat just used me and my shuffle to demonstrate the "killer DRM" bug, whereby certain protected music downloads from the iTunes Music Store cause the iPod shuffle to completely cease functioning when accessed, until it's reset. Quite scary to plug your shuffle back in for a resync and not see it light up, but it doesn't seem to have been overly affected since the poison song has been eliminated from its playlist.

CSI:NY and Veronica Mars didn't premiere last night as expected: CBS and UPN respectively, for whatever reason, decided to push them both back a week. I have printout proof! I could care less, though, because I'll soon have Lost to occupy me once again.

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