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Personal finances are a bitch.
I've decided: today is the day I begin the process of switching credit cards. A few years ago I signed up for a Barclaycard at one of my uni's annual freshers' fairs in return for a free popcorn maker that unfortunately was DOA; was too much hassle to send it off for a replacement so I just left it at that. It wasn't all bad though, as my spending on the card earned me points in a reward scheme I shared in with the folks. This changed a few months ago, when Barclaycard stopped offering points on spending, leaving no discernible benefit to keeping the card.

So, on and off over the past few months I've been looking for a replacement card.

A quick Google of the livejournal_uk community turned up this handy link from confuscious, so I did my research but found no card right off that suited me: I wasn't looking for a low interest rate because I fully intended to pay off my balance in full each month, so I was gunning for the perks, like reward points or cashback or free stuff. I was looking at the Amazon.co.uk MasterCard for a while, but a 0.01% cashback rate on Amazon.co.uk purchases or a 0.005% rate on purchases made elsewhere, delivered in the form of a £15 Amazon voucher for every 1,500 points accrued, made little sense in the long run.

Now thanks to emmavescence I'm seriously thinking about an Egg Money card, which offers additional interest on positive balances and a 6.9% interest on negative balances. So you can either use it like a regular credit card, or keep a positive balance and earn the interest on the balance and cash back on purchases. Providing I'm happy with it, I'll fill out the application form today.

Edit 13:09: So much for that - Egg's application form won't accept employment start dates in the future, and won't process my application without knowing about my employer, and I'm not about to lie on my form and enter a date in the past. So, screw 'em: I may or may not be back after I start work.

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I had that exact same problem with Egg... and haven't bothered to go back.

Did you go for an alternative provider in the end, or just not get a credit card at all?

Went with Smile in the end.

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