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not yours

because I say so

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Amazing what words can do
Reading posts in two different journals today has depressed me beyond belief. It's just despairing.

On the upside, I finally managed to grab a copy of the Daredevil soundtrack, and found the astonishing Evanescence track that lightningbaron was talking about not too long ago. That's definitely going to be played on my next radio show.

Finally, go beta test the new LJ site layout. Better to switch now and get used to it before it becomes the default. The new URL formats make sense, too.

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I love me some Evanescence. Nice to see the love is spreading.

The beta sucks for Safari.

They know about that. The top level of links is broken in Camino too, but only for the userinfo page. Which is odd.

Danka for the swell info!

We've been reading each other's for a while here -
May I add you as a friend?

Why of course! I'll add you back.

Wow, I was as acky as Bill the Cat
to see that you did
when I checked my list, so you are added as well!

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