CAPS LIKE WHOA (jc) wrote,

"dotBen. Who's dotBen? All day yesterday you've been an arsehole. [...] why the fuck?"

It's not often that I see press (good or bad) about LiveJournal or its parent company, SixApart, in the news, so naturally my ears perked up when I heard about how our dear menatrott, while calling for greater civility in the blogosphere in her talk at some European conference or other, finally let the overwhelmingly negative comments by audience members in the "backchannel IRC" discussion get the better of her own civility and apparently went on some tirade against a blogger who termed her arguments "bullshit".

You can read about the incident over at The Register, not to mention the account of the cussed-out blogger, which features illuminating discussion from the likes of Dave Winer. It seems from that post's account that they kissed and made up afterwards, but clearly nobody is above dispensing with the "practice what you preach" concept when one feels like it.

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