CAPS LIKE WHOA (jc) wrote,

Mmm, pizza

One of the things I like least is filling out a job application form like the one I reluctantly completed last night. In some ways it equates to prostitution: you're selling yourself to the other entity, in exchange for a "job" which pays extremely well. Ugh.

Since there's some extra money lying around the house, I thought I'd start my search for a new printer in earnest. The requirements: Ethernet/USB connectivity, network printing, has drivers for Windows, Mac OS X and Mac OS 8, and does reasonable colour at at least 3ppm. Oh, and it has to be less than £150. I had a look at the HP 6127, but it only seems compatible with Mac OS 8.6 or above. I'm talking 8.0. Sigh.

I'll leave you with the best news story I've read so far this year. Enjoy. (Even if it is from the Weekly World News, which earenwe tells me is worse than the Enquirer...)

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