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because I say so

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frustration, computer problems, oops
Somehow, I thought this might happen...

New Intel Mac mini. Do I call up and try and have my 8-day-old G4 Mac mini exchanged?

Hell yeah! Four times faster? Go for it!
Hell no! Half your stuff won't work for six months? Don't do it!

Update Wednesday 10:25: Called up the Apple Store and the nice sales support lady has issued me with a returns confirmation number, which means I'll get a full refund when TNT delivers it back to Apple's warehouse. OMGYAY.

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Everything I've read says that Rosetta works fine, and most of the really popular mac apps are universal binaries already. No reason to wait.

Do you really want intel chips polluting your house?

Intel Rox0r !!!

But its a pain waiting for them to release an 12" MacBook Pro...t'is now the one I want.

An intel-based mac will never be welcome on my lap :P

I'm hearing rumors they may not release a 12" in the MacBook series, choosing instead to just release the 12" in the Intel iBook line (whatever it'll be called).

I thought the idea was all the laptops were MacBooks now. The iBooks will be MacBooks and the PowerBooks MacBook Pros. That might be the source of the rumor.

Possibly, but this was someone relatively well informed about the topic (my local apple guy) so I don't think it was as simple as a naming thing, but more referring to the actual product line.

*shrug* I want a 12" laptop, I don't care what it's called or what it looks like, but at this point, I'm happy with my current model for another while after having most of its guts replaced recently.

Like it or not, INTEL = THE FJ00TUR. Ten years from now we'll forget Intel was ever evil, unless they screw up really really badly.

I'm not gonna vote because my density will alter the odds
and tilt the earth's surface.

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