January 3rd, 2003



I was fine when accompanying my friend to the bus stop on the way home from the cinema. He'd just missed the half-hourly bus by a traffic light's worth, so I decided to keep him company until the next bus came along.

By the time he was on it and I had crossed the road to get a bus of my own home, I'd started to feel slightly uncomfortable. When on the bus I'd really started to feel it, and in a matter of about three stops I had to disembark and head for the nearest toilet which happened to be close by in the form of a BK. After I'd used it, I caught a bus home and went to the toilet again. I've been twice since I got home, and I'm about to go again.

That is the last time I take up the cinema's offer of a free refill on a large drink when bought with a large popcorn. Agh, the pain.
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Not just that

Forgot to mention that this excessive caffeine intake is currently combating extreme tiredness, as I've now been awake for 12 hours after only five hours of sleep. I risk dropping unconscious at any point in the next two hours.

There seems to be some sort of rodent underneath the floorboards in our (third floor flat) living room which from time to time scrabbles desperately at the floorboards, possibly in an attempt to break through. It's quite annoying, especially seeing as we'd need to move the sofa to locate it if it started up again.

If there's an exterminator lurking somewhere, any advice would be appreciated.