March 30th, 2003


Comic Relief Update

It occurred to me after reading maxwellgrant's comment that I hadn't done an update on the Comic Relief Red Nose Day situation following the heavy publicity it saw in my journal for most of March.

Turns out it was a great night of television. Six million red noses were sold, and money was donated through the sale of everything from cherry tarts, to a CD single, to wine, to yoghurt. On the night I caved in and bought two of the rather nice T-shirts, which are still on sale. Donations can still be made for the foreseeable future, but the final total on the night was
£35,174,798! ($55,000,000)
They're estimating the final total will exceed £55m ($86m) once all the donations are in. How's that for a heartwarmer?

Roll on 2005!
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