April 2nd, 2003



Some random thoughts to round off a Wednesday...

I'm currently faced with a relative lack of things to do, which isn't really so bad. I have a couple of long-term projects I've been putting off, but I don't want to do any of those.

After a staggering 25 days of uptime something froze my computer. It's since crashed about four times in the past few days, a varying combination of freezes, screen melts and screen blackouts. It wouldn't be so irritating were it not for the fact that there are no logs of these crashes at all, presumably because whatever broke broke so fast that nothing had time to write a log. Oh well.

Before I last ran Software Update though I was able to infallibly reproduce the screen melt by running a Repair Disk Permissions operation in Disk Utility. If I get sufficiently fed up I'll do a backup and demonstrate the problem to the guys at the AppleCentre.

My RSI is beginning to rear its ugly head again, no thanks to a huge transcript of a fifteen-minute interview I typed up last night. I'll have to investigate some pain-relieving exercises at some point.

And finally, the banner for earenwe week may be gone from my journal, but for more than a few of us every week is earenwe week. Long may the tradition continue.