June 1st, 2003


New life into an old system

Not much is new. Random thoughts follow.

Friday, I went into uni at 9:15am cursing and swearing, to help deliver a group presentation arguing against using pirated software in a case study. We'd had a week's notice, no meeting where the whole group turned up and a shambles of a plan. I ended up scribbling all of my notes during the first group's presentation, and speaking for longer than the rest of them combined. Went home shortly after and slept until 5pm.

Today I hooked up a nifty Marantz CD player to the decades-old hi-fi setup in the living room. It works well, apart from some distortion.

TV's going to be interesting over the next few weeks. Big Brother 4 started last week with some fun surprises, but I won't talk about that much in this journal. Angel starts on five on Monday, which I'm looking forward to. five has also been showing the Animatrix shorts (in a world TV exclusive), which I have been religiously taping save for the time last night when I stupidly forgot.

I'm really starting to hanker for Digital TV, if only for the reception. Channels 4 and five are bad enough with the decent indoor aerial, and are hardly watchable in my room. I can't bring myself to order direct from Sky after the horrific experience I had with them at the end of 2001, and I think I'd need planning permission for a dish on the roof. It's all a mess, really.

I'm starting to remember tracks I really should've played on my radio show last month, and I kick myself each time I remember one of the kick-ass tracks I previously forgot. Which brings me to my shiny new Kerrang! magazine subscription: thirteen weeks for the price of two and a half. Bargain.

Been thinking about what to do during the summer. I want a job that I'd enjoy doing, yet I'm too picky for my own damn good. Mum and I made a list of things to buy over the next year, so it'll be fun to see how that pans out. I created a new, less personal journal for use in the event that hell freezes over I finish and release my personal web site. I've discovered a neatish CSS hack that proved helpful in fixing earenwe's positioning tactics, and I'm doing bits and bobs to procrastinate further.

Computer's been up for... eleven days and ten hours since I took that pesky RAM chip out. Must find that receipt.

Enjoy this piecemeal entry: no doubt I'll come back and edit the hell out of it tomorrow.