June 14th, 2003


Trying to think positive thoughts

(Amidst the looming exams and dissertation deadline, that is.)

Thanks to everyone who's filled out my first poll, and to those who haven't yet done so, you still can whoever you are. Some of you suggested using syn points to subscribe to cartoons, which I asked you to exclude from your answer since I can already pull many if not all of them using dailystrips. As for the others, I'll have a look at those before long.

Thanks also for the suggestions on custom styles. I started out doing my first style in S1, but with some persuasion from crschmidt I started work on porting it to S2. It was a bit of an uphill struggle at first learning all the programming required, but I think I have it sorted thanks to some helpful pointers, notably from jproulx. I'll hold off until after my exams before finishing it and cleaning it up. Who knows, with a little luck it may become a system style, available to every user.

On an unrelated note, I have a birthday coming up in just over a month. Which reminds me, earenwe, what do you want for yours?

As this birthday's a sort of special one for me, Mum has decided that I'm entitled to an expensive present. Considering the fact that many parents buy their children cars for this particular birthday (or even earlier), and I don't plan on getting my licence for years to come, she's come to the conclusion that a maxed-out 30GB iPod is a reasonable benchmark, should I want one. I'm not 100% sure that I do, though.

While it would be undoubtedly cool to own an iPod, be able to use it has an external Hard Drive and listen to my music collection on the move (especially attractive given the awful state of daytime radio here; I could even download recorded copies of the superior night-time shows and listen to them during the daytime) I'm not sure buying an iPod is the right move, considering I'm already in the market for a new PowerBook, which will cost a lot more in the long run.

Can any of you help me decide on what to get? Either you can somehow convince me that the iPod is a really worthwhile purchase that can't wait until next year, or you can suggest other similarly expensive presents I might prefer. Either way, I'd appreciate as much feedback as possible.