June 28th, 2003



On Wednesday, my aunt, cousin, step-uncle and step-cousin (do the last two terms even exist?) arrived from Sweden to stay with us for a week. We never imagined we'd ever have to accommodate four extra people in this tiny flat, so this meant a whole lot of crap had to be moved to make way for the extra beds we had to put down.

As said aunt emigrated to Sweden from Iceland shortly after I was born, I haven't seen my cousin for most of his natural life, so I was reticent to actually deal with him (and especially the new folk) when they got here. Fortunately, things have worked out well so far.

Step-cousin, in fact, bought himself a copy of Order Of The Phoenix on Thursday. I'm tempted to ask if I can "borrow" it, while they're away in Inverness on Monday.
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