August 6th, 2003


Other People's Entertainment™ for 6th August!

Yes folks, it's time for another brief edition of Other People's Entertainment™!
  • maxwellgrant was referred to a hilarious Onion article, by someone calling himself "Ringo";

  • aajwind recently discovered an link in an old adcott post, to the best, simplest, most addictive and challenging Flash game I have ever played: Gridlock. I've left things at level 37 (out of 40 levels), but the game remembers the level you last played, so it's all good.
In other news:
  • Sir Clive Sinclair is apparently in the process of designing a successor to the (in)famous C5. The revelation comes as he test-drives the Segway;

  • A certain new technology product promises to be immensely useful, even though the likelihood that it'll work with a Mac is close to nothing;

  • The real threat to legitimate CD sales is not the Internet file traders after all. Apparently, it's the bootleggers. Ars Technica weighs in;

  • A teenage boy has become the first person to use his camera phone to capture evidence of a crime which led to the arrest of the perpetrator;

  • An ingenious random has managed to shrink Windows 95 to under 10MB, and has gone on to claiming he can shrink it further;

  • I want to emigrate to the US, where I can play tunes with swearwords on the radio and use the iTrip, which I can't do here without breaking the law;

  • And the really contentious story is that of BuyMusic, a blatantly half-assed attempt at a "me too" copy of Apple's iTunes Music Store. Apparently, BuyMusic sucks. In fact, it sucks so badly that not only are some of its customers forever lost, but it's going as far as inadvertently ripping off the artists it's meant to help. Calls for a boycott are already well underway.
That's all for this edition of Other People's Entertainment; more informative and frivolous fun next time!
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So much syn on LiveJournal...

It must have been yesterday when I spent hours fixing lots of HTML mark-up, in order to fix xtremesaints's journal style. At any rate, while I was testing the modified style with her journal I noticed a post of hers in which she asked for recommendations of syndicated feeds. It inspired me to write this post, in which I'll mention each of the syn feeds I subscribe to in descending order of popularity. Eventually this'll make it into my memories.

(If you have no idea what I'm talking about, you'll at least need to understand how many syndication points you're allowed to use by reading this FAQ. You can find out how many points a feed costs by clicking on the relevant head'n'shoulders icon.)
  • leaky_cauldron is the most popular site feed I subscribe to, and links to all sorts of interesting Harry Potter-related information.
  • theregister is an Information Technology news site I've been following for years. Not everybody likes the way these guys report the issues, but as they host the BOFH archives they can't be all that bad.
  • As a Mac OS X user, macosxhints regularly proves itself to be an invaluable resource. Lots of other people watch this feed too.
  • Dave Hyatt is one of the lead developers of the Safari web browser. hyatt_weblog keeps track of his updates to the software. Posts are infrequent, but overall worth the read.
  • Occasionally I'll find interesting articles linked to from new_scientist. The feed's generated by newsisfree, so if you can live with that all you'll see on your friends page is an article title and the newsisfree article link.
  • ars_technica is one of the best tech editorial/review sites in existence. Enough said.
  • appleturns contains some of the funniest and most irreverent news reporting you will ever see in the world of all things Macintosh. A highly entertaining read.
  • I discovered "lockergnome Bytes" in the course of using a very cool news aggregator called NetNewsWire. The feed itself links to lots of other interesting tidbits on the web, and is excellent for curing boredom.
  • Once upon a time, maccentral sold out to Macworld. There was some sort of infighting which led to one of MacCentral's founders leaving and creating macminute, and now the two Mac news sites more or less duplicate each other's copy. I've yet to decide which of the two is the better service.
  • daringfireball is another feed which flagged my interest in NetNewsWire, and has stuck with me since. I don't really know what its brief is, but it's full of enlightening and interesting editorials by what seems to be the one person.
  • And finally, you may have heard of Well, how's about this for an alternative? PerversionTracker, or perversiontrack, frequently posts reviews of tasteless, hardly-functional or just plain bad software programs. And believe me, they exist in their dozens; so much so, the site just launched the PerversionTracker Awards! This is one of the more underrated feeds on LiveJournal.
If you end up watching one or more of the above feeds as a result of reading this post, please comment. I'd love to hear from satisfied customers!
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