August 8th, 2003


Update from the pub

Last night the folks and I drove up to the cottage oop north, where we got there for about 9pm. I was pretty tired after a long day, so I decided to go to sleep around 10:30pm.

This morning I woke to bright sunshine outside. The weather's been so amazingly hot so far today that Dad and I even went into the burn (that's Scots for a stream or brook) to go dam-building, which we haven't done in more than a decade. My boots promptly filled up with freezing water, which was great therapy for my legs.

Just now I spent about half an hour in the now blazing sunshine biking up to the pub, biking uphill for two thirds of the journey. I couldn't do it before the tyres had been pumped up to 50 (!) PSI, but once I'd borrowed a family friend's car pump I had the tires pumped up within about ten minutes. AFAIK this bike never had one of those wireframe drinks bottle holders attached, so after I spent two thirds of the journey biking uphill the first thing I asked for in the pub was a glass of iced water.

I'll have a nice ice cream in due course, but I'd just like to say for now that iced water owns me.

More FAQ goodness

Before I forget, I have two more FAQ achievements I'd like to report, both of which may be of interest to some of my friends. *eyes foxmagic*

You might remember the events I reported in my previous post on this subject. Well, the ensuing debate resulted in a new policy regarding S2 documentation: namely, the differences between the two style systems will be reflected in the FAQ, but there will be no tutorials on how to actually do stuff in S2 until it's reached its first release version. It's a nice compromise, IMHO.

Because of this new policy (and because of related abuse issues), the documentation administrators have recently implemented my original suggested modification to this FAQ (although I must give finding_helena credit for raising the issue in the first place). More importantly, braindrain adapted my prior first draft of a proposed "catch-all" S2 FAQ; I suggested lot of modifications to his proposal, and almost all of them were accepted. The new FAQ has since been added.

Behold: FAQ #168: What is Style System 2 (S2)? How can I use it on my journal?

*dances the happy yay-I-sorta-wrote-a-second-FAQ dance*