January 2nd, 2007


Televisual temptation

Popped into John Lewis today to pick up a printer cartridge and check out some of the clearance bargains, and I became somewhat distracted by the big-screen LCD TVs on display. I've wanted a new TV for my room for some time now, but with High Definition broadcasts not far off my main concern is finding a decent LCD TV with a built-in tuner capable of receiving HD signals - and I'm not sure the built-in Freeview tuners on most current big screens will do the trick a few years from now, at least without the aid of an external set top box.

Despite this small conundrum, the benefit of buying now is that if I use my new credit card, I won't accrue any interest on the purchase until Novemberish. So, I have my eye on a 32-incher, which I might wall-mount at some point...

I also thought about posting this in a relevant community to solicit a wider range of opinions, but I couldn't find one by searching on the hdtv interest. Regardless, thoughts?