June 14th, 2007

rock on


Coca-Cola partnered again with iTunes this year! Which means free stuff in exchange for drinking copious amounts of everybody's favourite diabetes inducer, yay!

Of course if you happen not to like iTunes, or iPods, or going to live music events, or music in the slightest, but you LOVE drinking Coke, Diet Coke, Coke Zero, or Coke with Orange (?), then don't make the baby Jesus cry or have God kill a kitten by throwing away the bottles or cans and wasting the magical codes - send 'em to your friend, jc!

On every page of my gerbil - whenever you click a Collapse ), whenever you post or read comments in my journal, etc - you'll find a nifty addition to my sidebar in the form of a form! Which you can use to send me codes! It's oh so easy! And I'll love you forever! (Maybe.)

We now return you to your regularly scheduled drama. (If only.)