July 7th, 2007

stop raining!

Ho hum

Well gosh, so today's 7/7/07. Pretty safe to say I don't feel any luckier in anything today than I do any other day.

At least Live Earth is on, which is mildly diverting my attention at the moment. I guess I'll go write some more.

Happy birthday, roy!
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Dear BBC,

How dare you cut into the middle of a live Metallica set for Live Earth after showing a shitty pre-recorded Enrique Iglesias tune, only to cut out of it again a song and a half later to show pre-recorded Crowded House.

Yours in contempt,


Winding down and firing it up

Live Earth London is over. Foo Fighters were awesome, Madonna did a cracking set and the bastards at the BBC had the audacity to interrupt the Spinal Tap reunion set with a Katie Melua pre-record. I've filed an official complaint. Let's see what they do with Live Earth New York, which has already been going for five hours...

In other news, I found this one trawling across the Internets. I'm simply fascinated by these routines and the amount of co-ordination and co-operation needed in them.


I call this photo, "mini-me"

In the knowledge that earenwe is in the audience at Giants' Stadium, I'm looking to record "New York" sets at Live Earth and play stalker spotter. Because the BBC in its infinite idiocy has decided to show clips from various cities on both BBC One and its "interactive" channel and not the "New York" concert in its entirety, I'm faced with having to monitor two channels and record the one (on the small screen) which has the New York bits on it.

It's going to be a fun night.

Edit 00:41: It looks like BBC One is actually showing New York in full, just interspersed with other countries in between sets. "You know a lot of people are calling this New York lately, and I'm getting sick and tired of it. Last time I checked, Giants' Stadium was in the beautiful state of New Jersey." - Zach Braff