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not yours

because I say so

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Almost forgot!
In just under three hours, the time will be 01:02:03 on 04/05/06 (at least for those of you who use proper date notation...)

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Pft. Old news. We celebrated that a month ago. You europeans are so behind the times.

Quote: "(at least for those of you who use proper date notation...)"


2006-05-04-03-02-01 in ISO8601

I happened to notice that one too, but this one happens sooner.

However proper date notation does not leave room for confusion, 4. Maí/May 2006 won't have anyone that's familiar with Icelandic/English wondering just what the fuck we mean. I can't stand those notations with slashes, for they could mean anything as far as I am concerned. Similarly 4.5.'06 is confusing, but I am at least familiar with it.

Bah, you're all weird. It's 18年05月04日。

"Proper date notation" includes two-digit years, then?

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