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(no subject)
I'm currently watching live pictures of attempts to pull down a statue of Saddam Hussein somewhere in Baghdad. I've been watching for twenty minutes, and it still isn't down.

There are hundreds of Iraqis swarming around the thing, and I for some reason can't help but think how many of those will be crushed by the statue if and when it falls. How dumb can you get?

As I write, some marine has just rubbed an American flag in the face of the statue. So funny; you'd think an Iraqi flag would have been more appropriate... 15:39: ...and there it is. Hurrah! Or something.

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seemed like it took forever; i just happened to tune in after I notice the sports junk wasn't broadcasting over my phone, knew something was up!!

Well, consider this practice ;)

Considering there are hundreds of statues, effigies, mosaics, paintings, etc around Baghdad alone...they should have it down to a few minutes by the time the week ends :)

Can't wait to see how some in the media around the world will try to "spin" this one. Heheheh.

I also think giant 60-foot widescreen TVs should be mounted at anti-war rallies from now on displaying this and some of the other scenes of jubilation from the last few days.

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