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(no subject)
Biggish decision to make. Thoughts?
Edit: Found another place in Belfast charging £89.99 all-inclusive...

Poll #891744 Data, or no data?

Just been quoted £90+VAT by some data recovery place to have the data on my faulty memory card recovered. Do I pony up for not backing up?

No - it's a waste of money
No - I know somewhere that'll do it for cheaper. I'll comment

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I can't say either way. If the information on it is that important to you, go ahead. But if it's stuff (aside from a few pictures) that you can get again from people...it does seem a little expensive.

Is it important data? Is there no where else you can have it done cheaper? Are you getting a second estimate? £90 is a *lot*. Have you tried recovering it yourself?

It's photos and videos taken on my phone since about February-ish, because I at least had the sense to copy everything over prior to that. £90 appears to be the standard rate for physical recovery of flash-based media based on the few quotes I've had... problem is neither phone nor computer can see the card, let alone read anything from it, so this is pretty much my last resort.

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